Saturday, September 25, 2021




The Kuyasa Centre is located in Stellenbosch which is a town about 45 km for the City of Cape Town in South Africa. The Centre is situated in the Township of Kayamandi which is an economically challenged area consisting mainly of the Xhosa tribe.
The Buildings and Grounds
The centre itself is on a small holding consisting of 2 old farm houses and a barn. On the limited surrounding grounds they have built 2 sport courts of which one is asphalt and the other sand. On the one corner of the land they have erected 2 small safe houses for 12 teenage girls out of a planned cluster of 6 houses,  to house 36 teenagers. The loft of one of the houses has been renovated to house a learning centre.
Kuyasa also has a hall that is used for indoor sport such as Basketball and Netball, traditional and Ballroom dancing as well as church services. Kuyasa also partners with the Baptist church to use their venue for youth worship purposes.

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