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Sunday, January 20, 2019


Partner Area of Ministry Period
Horizon International Child sponsorship Program, general and work camps. From 2001
Mergon General From 2012
NCCC Performing Arts, Hats and Glasses, Project Director and General support. From 2002
SCAS Work camps, Kids Games and Futsol Training From 2002
Jesus is Love Foundation CSP Manager. CSP Co ordinators and general From 2003
Legacy Leadership Development , Medical Knowledge Instiute From 2009
Morris Foundation Kuyasa Kids Tour. Learning Center. From 2004
Baptist Church Stellenbosch Venue and Youth Worker 2010
Threads Africa Learning Centre, Safe House.  From 2005
ALICT Training. From 2005
Pneumatix Work camps. From 2006
Macias Restis Charitable Trust Feeding Scheme and Kitchen. From 2007
Prochorus General From 2008
Tapestry Homes Safe Homes for orphans. 2008
Ububalo Life Skills Training and Futsol training


HRG Trust Skills Development and Children’s Programs ministry. 2008
The SA Congregation in London Child Sponsorship Programme. 2008


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