Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Statement of Ethics


1. Strive for mutual trust and learning. Showing people we believe in them.

2. Keep up with the newest trends and developments concerning all professional fields relevant to our programs and the needs of the people.

3. Take initiative and be creative with our program objectives and growth.

4. Serve with perseverance, sensitivity and adaptability.

5. Perpetually acknowledge in heart, mind and speech that without Christ we can do nothing, but that all things are possible through Him. (Ephesians 2:20)

6. Respect the person, language and culture. Listen to people’s hearts.

7. Strive for the advancement of the people and environment, prioritizing the community’s agenda and placing their needs first.

8. Commit to fostering total ownership by:

  • Creating pride through individual’s success stories
  • Giving the praise and recognition first to the people not the organization
  • Operate from a partnership paradigm that is never paternalistic
  • Always include the community in decision making

9. Create opportunities for the people to serve their own community and others.

10. Earn the right to share the gospel with people by living a life that reflects perpetual spiritual growth and a teachable spirit.

11. Be a bridge and an umbrella. Come along side to empower, not giving handouts, but preserving the dignity of the people through employment.

12. Be transparent and open about all organizational operations and finances.

13. Be inclusive to all, treating everyone the same and avoiding labels.

14. Remain neutral politically and denominationally.

15. Have a strong sense of confidentiality and a respect for privacy.

16. Remain tough minded but soft hearted.

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