Saturday, September 25, 2021

Five Year Strategic Plan for Programmes and Services



  • At least 5 Kayamandi churches that are flourishing with a large youth involvement that are living Christ in their everyday walk and value system.
  • Pastors in leadership positions influencing the community in Christian values.
  • At least 20 trained pastors in Theology and English.
  • Distance Learning Courses in Theology.

Leadership Development

  • Young leaders that are influencing their peers and ploughing back into the community by leading the youth in various programmes.
  • Extensive Hats and Glasses programme with over 100 members in leadership and life skills.
  • A flourishing Gospel Band with Praise and Worship on Fridays for over 500 youths.

Sport Centre

  • Multi-purpose courts for sport and Performing Arts.
  • Futsol Indoor courts and outside courts.
  • The Following sports that will be part of the local Leagues:
    • Netball
    • Football
    • Rugby
    • Basketball
    • Tennis
    • Futsol
    • Volleyball
  • Athletics team for all field and court events.
  • Gymnasium.

Performing Arts and Music Centre

  • Children/students graduating from our schools of Performing Arts and Music to a higher level school of training. Graduates of these schools returning to Kuyasa to reinvest.
  • Dance classes in Traditional and modern dance; possibly Ballroom, Ballet.
  • Multipurpose Indoor hall for Performing Arts and sport. With amphitheatre and stage for performances and sport spectators.
  • Voice lessons.
  • Music lessons in Piano, violin and guitar etc.
  • Practice rooms for dance and drama.
  • Musical instruments practice areas.
  • Changing rooms, bathrooms.

Art and Crafts Centre

  • Art and crafts centre for children and adults.
  • Classes in pottery.
  • Art and craft exhibits for markets.
  • Successful resident artist or crafter.

Adventure Team

  • Trained adventure teams that do adventure camps on weekends and holidays for Xhosa kids.
  • Adventure Club for 100 children weekly.
  • Adventure Clubs in 2 neighbouring towns.

Learning Centre

  • Full functioning Learning Centre
    • Pre Primary, Primary, High School learners.
    • Adults learning courses in Literacy and IT.
    • Pre Primary school in mornings.

Social Services Centre

  • Emergency facility for child abuse.
  • A sick bay for sick or injured children.
  • Counselling services.
  • Support Groups for caregivers and abused children.
  • Workshops and training in parenting skills, nutrition, first aid, life skills.
  • Store for emergency relief.

Skills School and Trainings

  • Successful  Skills  training for  creating employment and jobs.
  • Successful graduates that had previously dropped out from school that have permanent employment and that are reinvesting in the community.
  • Other schools in skills training for woman and girls.

Teamwork and Partnering

  • Successful Kayamandi Network representing all the services, NGO’s etc that strive towards the Transformation of Kayamandi.
  • Develop the network further into the Western Cape and beyond.
  • Utilize these networks in Strategic Ways that help to achieve strategic objectives in other programmes.


  • See children, youth and adults take action toward a cleaner Kayamandi where the streets and buildings are clean and cared for.
  • See children, youth and adults take action to beautify Kayamandi with the planting of gardens and installation of parks with lots of trees.
  • Foster a respect of property and public services and pride in their community.
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