Thursday, April 15, 2021

Kuyasa Worship Band


Programme Leader: Mbongeni Mtshali

Programme Background

This group consists of two guitarist, two pianists, a drummer, a flutist, three vocalists and one musician on djembe.  They have been rehearsing together for about a year now since mid-2008 and practice twice a week.  Though staff members are involved in training and performing, the band is coordinated by one young man who has been involved in Kuyasa Performing Arts for several years.

Current Activities

The group have been rehearsing behind closed doors for about six months, after which they finally gained some exposure beyond those walls. The Kuyasa Worship Band is now in partnership with Ground Zero, a group from Every Nation, a church in Stellenbosch. The group was also given the opportunity to perform at the Kuyasa Open Day Ceremony. Additionally, many of the band members help to lead worship at local churches regularly.

Youth Leaders Involved

  • Sive Ngwaxana

Holistic Impact of Programme

  • The Kuyasa Worship Band aims to reach out to young people and spread the Good News through worship.
  • The group looks forward to being able to lead youth praise and worship nights in the community.

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

  • For the youth to take ownership of the worship band in playing instruments and leading worship in their own sessions and in other avenues (i.e. church functions).
  • The group has been rehearsing new music for the 2009 season of the Kuyasa Performing Arts group. They will be performing with this group and playing on their new CD that will be recorded next year.

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

  • Various musical instruments (e.g. different types of guitars).
  • Microphones, microphone stands, basic speakers.
  • Proper music room with decent acoustics.
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