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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Adult Education



Adult Education and Skills training

Computer Training:  Learning Centre

.Fashion Design, Furniture and recycle Broom making by Stichting Zimele. 

 We offer a furniture workshop and a fashion studio together with the creative coaching needed to develop products and establish one’s own business. Given the low level of the local economy we will achieve the best possible results working with low budgets and by utilizing second hand materials. This seems to limit the range of outcome, but by means of a creative and open approach the possibilities will be tremendous and fulfilling.

The fashion studio will offer students a full education based on design, pattern making and sewing of the garments. We will merely use second hand clothes and used textiles as input to create new products. Within the furniture workshop the students will receive a full education, from designing and manufacturing, to restoring old furniture pieces. Using second hand materials keeps costs of newly designed products low. It also means that participants can set up their own small business without big investments. The materials that they use come from old pallets and various objects.


If you are interested in Fashion Design or Wood Work you can and come and see us at Kuyasa.

Monday till Thursday we are there from 10.00 - 18.00 (Lunch between 13.00- 14.00).


Our dream is to educate enough people at a sufficient high level to enable them to share their skills with others. Also within this time we intend to hand over the leadership of the Workshop and the Studio to someone from the community who is capable and willing to manage and continue with it.

Raoul Smorenburg
Daniëlle Hooijmans              


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