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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Learning Centre


Programm Leader: Nomandla Bongoza assisted by Cindy de Beer.

Programme History

In late 2004, Kuyasa was still young and few Programmes were running. After spending time with the students who attended Kuyasa, there seemed to be a need for academic assistance. Many of the students reported that they were failing their subjects and that they desperately needed help. We began tutoring for the students, but realized that more help was needed to reach the different grades. External tutors were recruited. They consisted of university students who would volunteer their time after school. Today we have grown to include as many as 300 students from Grade R to Grade 12, and even adult education. We have more than 30 volunteers who help teach these students on a weekly basis.

Mission: To provide students with wholistic support through providing extra classes and special workshops to be able to reach their full academic potential.

Vision: To see a generation of students who are empowered Christian leaders that reach their full academic potential.

Activities/ Services:  During the regular school-year, we provide classes for children after school in their basic learning areas. The classes that we offer are fundamentals in Literacy and numeracy for grades R-3, Science, Math, English, and Reading for grades 4-9, and English, Math, Biology, Accounting, and Business Studies for grades 10-12.

During school holidays we offer special workshops that have included public speaking, career guidance, interviewing skills, CV writing, and Problem solving skills.

How to access the program:   Volunteers can join our learning centre program by speaking to one of the program managers. They will be added to the tutoring team according to their preferred age group, subjects, and availability. A minimum commitment of one class per week or the length of 1 term is requested.

Future Goals: Our goal in future is to further assist our students academically through:

Better our communication with parents, teachers, students, and volunteers.

Create a reward system for students with attendance and improved school marks as well as negative consequences for those who do not attend faithfully.


Computer skills training

Vision:  To see  people in Kayamandi equipped to use computers.

Mission:  To teach people computer skills in order to qualify for jobs and further training

Activities:  Providing basic training in Microsoft word, excel, internet usage, CV writing and job application.

Schedule:  There are 2 time slots:

                        11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm, Monday to Friday

How to access the courses:   People have to come to Kuyasa to register.

Future goals:  To register the course with SETA, to provide life skills training for the students and also provide career guidance to high school students. 

Contact Person:  Nomandla Bongoza :  0833293474

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