Thursday, April 15, 2021

Place of Safety – Indawo Yokhuseleko


Programme Background

In early 2007, we met teenagers, particularly girls, who were having problems finding a safe place to stay. We attempted to find accommodation in Kayamandi so they may finish school there, but there were no families interested in caring for teenage girls long-term. These girls eventually found homes outside of Kayamandi but had to leave their support network of teachers, friends and even the culture that they were familiar with. Towards mid-2009, we made the choice as an organization to respond to it and establish a home for these girls in need.

Current Activities

Our first priority is to ensure that the homes mimic and feel as much like a normal family as possible. Children will have meals and do chores together (6 children per home in total). They will receive discipline and guidance from a loving caregiver just as any child would in a family context. This project will provide not only the physical needs, but also love and psychological care to the children.

People Involved

  • Threads Team (USA)
  • World Help
  • Tapestry home builders (USA)
  • Private USA donors
  • Jenny Carstens
  • Heather McNiel
  • Nicky van Heerden
  • William Loedolff (APEX)
  • Social workers

Holistic Impact of Programme

This project aims to provide not only the physical needs, but also healthy psychosocial and emotional care, and personal development to the children. They will be immersed in the local community through school and various activities at Kuyasa (e.g. extra classes, mentoring, life skills, drama, youth group, sports).

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

  • To build 6 homes that will provide housing for 6 children per home. Our vision is to see young people pass Grade 12 and build successful careers that will make them self-sufficient, enabling them to return and serve/invest in the community of Kayamandi.
  • To establish a comprehensive Plan of Care which to address the overall health needs (physically, mentally, emotionally) of each child and to observe their progress. The team will include social workers and mental health professionals.

Progress made so far

  • The first house for 6 girls was erected in July 2009 and the second house was erected in July of 2010 for another 6 girls

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

  • Financial aid to provide emotional and psychological support, trauma counseling and to provide for the physical needs of the orphans.
  • Furnishing for the six houses, clothing, household products and toiletries.

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