Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Child Sponsorship Programme


The Programme has 2 leaders:

1.  Pumla Qalinge heading up the children that are sponsored by Horizon International from the USA

2.  Andiswa Mrali heading up the programme that is sponsored by the Hope Feed Programme of the South African Congregatiion in the UK.

Programme Background

The programme started in 2002 with our first partners from Horizon International USA who sponsored eight children. It has grown since then, and they currently sponsor 162 children from Kayamandi.  Pumla is assisted by Lulama who works part time and by 2 interns: Zandile and Abongile.

In 2008 the  South African Congregation in London joined in partnership with Kuyasa to sponsor children.  At present they sponsor 72 children from Kayamandi.  Andiswas is assisted by an Intern called Andile.

Kuyasa has an additional 13 children sponsored by local South African residents.  Kuyasa  follows a home-based sponsorship care programme where the orphaned and vulnerable children stay with a caregiver who is supported by the programme to care specifically for those children.  All administration of the sponsorship  eg. the paying of school fees, school uniforms and clothing is done by Kuyasa staff.  Money left over after this is given to the caregivers in the form of food vouchers.

Current Activities

We currently have a total of 234 children in our sponsorship programme. This investment of R170-R250 per month makes an economic, physical, psychological and emotional difference in the lives of the orphaned and vulnerable children. The managers distribute food parcels to those in need and to those on Ant Retroviral Treatment and make sure they are allocated accordingly.

Holistic Impact of Programme

With the Child Sponsorship Programme, Kuyasa is seen as the “mother” of Kayamandi, as we continually reach out to show love and care for the orphans, the elderly, and the sick that constantly surround us.

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

To accommodate more families and children in the programme so that each child will have the opportunity to attend school and be given the essentials that will help them to thrive in life.

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

More sponsord children.

Funding for present staff sallaries and also for more future staff sallaries..

Who do I contact if I want to sponsor a child from the USA?

 Horizon International in Indiana USA:   www.horizoninternationalinc.com 

Contact person:  Gayla Morgan

Telephone:  765 778 1016

Amount per month?    = $35

Who do I contact if I want to sponsor a child from South Africa?

Kuyasa at 021 889 5241

e-mail :   admin@rigters.co.za

Amount per month?  =R250.

Who do I contact if I want to sponsor a child from the UK?

Contact person:   André Vermeulen.

e-mail:  admin@hopefeedr.com


Amount per month?  =£20

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