Saturday, September 25, 2021

Training Programmes


Kuyasa has several training programmes and include


Job Creation Projects


The Green Sweep Broom Project

A broom project from Brazil  has resulted in the training of 6 people from Kayamandi in the making of brooms from recycled 2litre plastic bottles.  They not only boast with a new skill but the possibility remains of creating a broom factory in the future. 

It all started when Cassie Carstens visited a church in Brazil and saw the project and new immediately that this would work in South Africa.  In June this year the founder of the project, Mr Tales Jardins visited Kuyasa and trained 6 unemployed people to make the brooms.

The bottles are made of recycled 2 litre plastic cool drink bottles which are used for the bristles and the rest is made from wood of which half is recycled wood. 

Everyone says that the brooms sweep better than those found in the shops.  The municipality of Stellenbosch has been asked to test the brooms and there is hope that they would invest in this project.  We are dreaming of broom factory that will become independent but that will of course depend on the demand for the product.  We are also excited about the recycling aspect of this product as between 18 and 20 two litre bottles are used to make one broom!! The bristles of the broom can be replaced when they have been worn down making the recycle aspect even better!!!

Bambelela Ntshinke (23) see photo, is one of the 6 people that has been trained in broom making.  He has been part of the Kuyasa Kids Performing Arts Program as well as the Child Sponsorship Program of Horizon International.  His name means never give up and we trust that this initiative will foster a lot of hope for many in Kayamandi.



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