Thursday, April 15, 2021

Adventure Programmes


Programme Leader: Pierre Viviers

Program Background

The Adventure Programme works with two different youth groups. A beginners group, working to complete their Rock Observers certificate and the advanced group, The Rock Explorers, who completed their Rock Observer certificate the previous year.

Current Activities

The Rock Observers (beginners group) completed the following lessons:

  • Fitness – Completed a 12 km hike.
  • First Aid – Heavily bleeding wounds, treatment of burns, insect bites and blisters and how to create a security area on a camp site.
  • Navigation – Introduction to compass work, introduction to map reading, maptixs assessment.
  • Life Skills – Used the 4 D’s of the navigational rules to develop life orientation strategies with them. Distance, Direction, Detail, Deviation, Declination.
  • Service – Working on the garden at Kuyasa.
  • Fire – Learned to build three types of fires.

The Rock Explorers (advanced group) also kicked off very well at the start of the year. The following programme has been completed by the Explorers:

  • Introduction week – Three meetings in the parks of Stellenbosch.
  • Make a fireplace.
  • Extinguish a fire.
  • Pitching a tent.
  • Learning the main points of the compass.
  • First Aid – Treatment of cuts and bruises, explain how to notify an ambulance or a doctor, demonstrate how to hand over a knife and an axe.

Other People Involved

Local members of the Kayamandi community.

Holistic Impact of Programme

The adventure lessons are paralleled to Biblical concepts and values. This spiritual development is the key that facilitates the very real change we have seen in the hearts, behaviour and attitude of our youth in the second year group.

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

The second year group, Rock Explorers, have become leaders to a first year group this year. A mentoring system has been established where each Rock Explorer leader will be assigned to a small group of Rock Observers to communicate, motivate and train them. This building up of leaders will help to empower the members and eventually lead to personal character development which will have them impact their community as exemplary individuals.

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

Not specified.

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