Thursday, April 15, 2021

Children’s Prayer Group


Programme Leader: Mbongeni Mtshali

Programme Background

Through exposure to the prayer movement by Transformation Africa and the children’s prayer movements in India, staff were burdened to begin a Boiler Room, or young prayer space, at Kuyasa. A handful of kids, mostly younger teens really got excited about the idea. They began meeting daily, share a few scriptures together and then praying for the needs that they had in their own families and in the families of their close neighbours.  Their prayer times became longer and longer until meetings ran up to two hours every evening.

Current Activities

Currently, the group is redesigning a special room with world maps and other items to help them remember to pray for each other, Kayamandi, South Africa and the world. They share the answers to prayer when these come and many children have come to know Jesus and learned a lot about prayer by attending the group. As nearly all the Kuyasa Programmes, the Prayer team in lead primarily by youth, mostly the original young people who began the group two years ago.

Other People Involved

  • Gugu
  • Puti
  • Masibulele

Holistic Impact of Programme

The Programme typically draws children from other groups at Kuyasa and encourages those who come to get involved in the tutoring Programmes, Hats and Glasses and our sports and arts Programmes. This has worked well and helped to fuel and grow the Kuyasa Worship Band.

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

We hope to see many Boiler Rooms set up throughout Kayamandi. Places where youth can come to pray, worship and get prayer any time day or night. In the future we would love to see 24-hour prayer stations created and have kids commit to pray even during the early morning hours (though they remain in their homes. We would like to train children and youth in different types of prayer and encourage fasting and other disciplines.

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

  • Supplies and funding for the Boiler Rooms.
  • Bibles.
  • Teen and kid friendly books about prayer.
  • Salary funding for a part-time position.
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