Thursday, April 15, 2021

Hats and Glasses


Programme Leader: Heather McNiel

Programme History

The original purpose of the Hats and Glasses group was to keep young people off the streets by building relationships with them in order that they learn responsibility for their choices and grow in relationship with the Lord. Ultimately, it was hoped that they would develop into confident future leaders for their community.

Current Activities and Description

Hats and Glasses meets three times a week to discuss topics relevant to their lives as leaders and Christians in their community. Through Bible study, life skills and spiritual growth principals are presented and discussed. Service Projects, Prison Ministry, Youth Events (Youth Alive Shows), Praise and Worships sessions and Camps are also conducted throughout the year.

There are currently 30 members with a core leadership team of five youths. The majority of Hats and Glasses members are also active participants in other Kuyasa Programmes and regularly serve in the Learning Centre, youth holiday camps and Feeding Scheme.

Other People Involved

  • Nompiliso Kantanga
  • Mbongeni Mtshali
  • Cindy De Beer

Youth Leaders Involved

  • Zizipho
  • Sibusiso Peter
  • Sindisi
  • Zukisa
  • Ayanda

Holistic Impact of Programme

To see youth:

  • Develop spiritually and acquire biblically based life skills that will enable them to make positive choices and change dangerous lifestyles.
  • Create Supportive Peer Community/Relationships.
  • Pass matriculation in order to further their studies in tertiary education and gain career exposure.
  • Discover their calling and purpose and work to achieve it.
  • Develop a  strong sense of self-worth rooted in Christ.

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

  • Renovation of the Hats & Glasses Loft providing an improved space for meetings, also accessible for youth to have a safe place to socialize.
  • Evangelical Outreach to other youth in the Community.
  • Compassion Projects started by members of H&G (i.e. weekly visits to the elderly, service to the ill, rubbish clean-up, garden planting).
  • To develop a Hats and Glasses Newsletter.

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

  • Books and Curriculum:  $500
  • Administration:  $1,200
  • Security and insurance :  $2000
  • Service Projects and Outreach:  $700
  • Special Events:  $200
  • Camp:  $3,700
  • Leadership Retreat:  $600
  • Training and Field Trips:  $300
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