Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sharing Views Team


Programme Leader: Nomandla Bongoza

Programme Background

The Sharing Views Team was created by a small group of Hats and Glasses members after they saw a special need for younger children to receive the same help and support that they had received in Hats and Glasses. In just a few short weeks they were flooded with children ages 7 to 14. More than 100 children began attending on a regular basis. They advertised the group as a place that children could come to talk and learn about important issues they faced in their community and at home. The children participated and began to open-up very quickly. With the help of 12-15 Hats and Glasses members leading the group and staff support they were able to encourage, counsel and provide a safe place for questions and connection.

Current Activities

Currently the group meets twice a week for life skills and bible lesson that leads into discussion and small group interaction. The lessons are presented in creative ways often using drama and song. The children have done several service projects and have attended camps. Hats and Glasses continues to reach out to the Sharing Views team as big brothers and sisters; offering to share resources and time see Sharing Views grow and deepen in their connection to the Lord and to each other. Sharing Views has a drama group that prepared an excellent presentation on Mother’s Day, inviting all the mothers of the community to come and be appreciated, each mom left with a flower and so many words of thanks and encouragement.

Other People Involved

  • Monde Ntoyndo
  • Lucinda
  • Ncedo
  • Gugu
  • Qabi
  • Heather McNiel

Holistic Impact of Programme

This Programme tracks the children in many different parts of their lives. They have become very open and tend to request help when they need it for basic needs and for counselling. The youth leaders of the Programme have made it very clear that they are always available to pray and talk whenever the children have a need. They have each child turn in their school report and emphasize the importance of attendance at the learning centre. Most of the children who participate in Sharing Views also come for Feeding scheme daily and stay for Learning Centre classes, then two day a week they go into Sharing Views meetings and the other days have the option to participate in the sports Programmes at the centre.

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

The Sharing Views team is struggling with the wide variety of ages and levels of maturity (emotional and spiritual) in the group. They are working to find strategies to meet each child where they are. They also struggle with help the children that are really hurting or living in homes that are abusive. Though we have resources for children who have been raped, they are often weighed down with other types of abuse, often leaving our youth leaders feeling helpless and overwhelmed. We are working to support the leadership and equip them further to connect children to the right resources and to unburden themselves in prayer.

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

  • Salary for a full-time staff to help supervise the programme.
  • Plain t-shirts on children’s sizes, red, blue and black.
  • Christian books and CDs.
  • Children Bible stories on DVD.
  • CD Player.
  • Children’s games.
  • Bibles for children and young teens.
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