Thursday, April 15, 2021

Youth Alive


Programme Leader: Mbongeni Mtshali

Programme Background

Youth Alive is run independently by the youths from the Hats & Glasses group with nominal guidance from the Kuyasa staff. The youths decide its direction completely.

Current Activities

  • Organizing local youth talent shows twice or three times a year whereby Original poetry, song, dance and hip hop rapping are often a part of these shows.
  • Outreach efforts through performance shows and friendships formed with the boys at the juvenile detention centre at least every other month.
  • Organized the Kayamandi Youth Day event in conjunction with South Africa’s National Youth Day (June 16).

Other People Involved

  • Odwa Nomavuka

Youth Leaders Involved

  • Peter
  • Msindisi

Holistic Impact of Programme

Youth Alive helps to expose youth to performing in public. It provides a platform for them to showcase their talents in performing arts.

Future Plans/Visions for the Programme

  • We dream of having our own recording studio in which we can produce excellent music, to obtain that level whereby we can develop singers of professional caliber.
  • To organize workshops for guest speakers (undergraduates/professionals in the field) to expose and encourage our members in the various areas of performing arts.
  • To receive proper training on event planning and organizing i.e. for concerts.

Wish List/Needs for the Programme

  • Adequate sound system for our performance shows.
  • Start-up funds for studio establishment.
  • Audio equipment for recording sessions.
  • Funds for organizing performance shows.
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